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Mindzone IT Solutions | An IT Consulting and Outsourcing Company from Iowa

An IT Consulting and Outsourcing Company from Iowa

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End-to-End Application Development

We offer a broad spectrum of end-to-end software development services. We are committed to successful outcomes and to and to stand by our clients throughout the projects.


What do we offer?


Product Prototyping

We can develop commercially viable prototypes based on research conducted for an idea in principle. And we can employ sophisticated processes that engage researchers, developers, business experts, and marketers.

Solution Architecture

We can form solution architecture through rigorous analysis based on extreme objectivity and integrity. And we can ensure comprehensiveness, economy, security, and agility in the architectures.

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Software Engineering

Software development is our core competency that can assure flawless progress achieved through engineering processes, expertise, resources, quality assurance, and project management.

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Our DevOps services can ensure security, quality assurance, automated clouds, and light-weight architecture. And our DevOps implementation is supposed to be uninterrupted or the least disrupted for business activities.

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AI-Based Development

We can achieve absolute prudence in application results and performance by employing powerful platforms and applying reliable research. We are confident in taking up assignments that require ML, NLP, and even robotics.

Software Transformation

Application Transformation

We can improve and modify the obsoleting applications due to outdated platforms and code. And we can reengineer these applications toward new security, performance, and economy challenges.

The Platforms

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